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                    Corporate Partners

                    Corporate Partners


                    CEIBS Chair Endowment Fund

                    Corporate Partners?

                    CEIBS Campus Fund

                    Corporate Partners?

                    CEIBS Development Fund

                    Corporate Partners?

                    CEIBS Scholarship Fund

                    Corporate Partners?

                    CEIBS Research Fund

                    Corporate Partners?

                    Corporate Partners Board Member

                    Mr.Isidre Fainé
                    "la Caixa"

                    Mrs.Sara Yang Bosco
                    Emerson Electric Asia-Pacific

                    Mr.Claudio Facchin
                    ABB (China) Limited

                    Mr.Hans-josef Ritzert
                    Evonik Degussa(China) Co.,Ltd.

                    Mr.Wolfgang Syhr
                    AGFA Health Care

                    Mr.Miguel Patricio
                    InBev Asia Pacific

                    Mr.Lin Liangqi
                    Akzo Nobel (Asia) Co., Ltd

                    Mr.Juerg Christen
                    Lufthansa German Airlines

                    Mr.Sanjay Sharma

                    Mr.Alberto Forchielli
                    Mandarin Capital Advisory Ltd.
                    Ms.Liselotte Duthu
                    Atlas Copco (China) Investment Co.,Ltd?

                    Mr.Hai Ling
                    Mastercard Worldwide

                    Mr.Jamie McCarry
                    AXA - Minmetals Assurance Co., Ltd
                    Mr.Jonathan Woetzel
                    Mckinsey Asia Pacific
                    Mr.Zhao Jingsheng
                    Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria(Beijing )?
                    Mr.Philippe Verneuil
                    Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
                    Ms.Ana Wang
                    Banco Santander(Beijing)
                    Mr.Serge Dumont
                    Omnicom Group Inc.
                    Mr.Johannes Dietsch
                    Bayer (China) Limited
                    Mr.David Zhang
                    Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
                    Mr.Mark Goyens
                    Bekaert Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.?
                    Mr.Juan Dedeu
                    Port of Barcelona Far Eastern Representative
                    Mr.Clarence T'ao
                    BNP Paribas (China) Ltd
                    Mr.Eric APODE
                    PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN
                    Mr.Yudong Chen
                    Bosch (China) Investment Ltd.
                    Mr.Ulf Bremer
                    Pudong Shangri La Hotel
                    Mr.Liming CHEN
                    BP (China) Holdings Limited?
                    Mr.Hai ZHU
                    Schneider Electric(China) investment Co., Ltd

                    Mr.Martin Jansen
                    Coca-Cola Bottling Investments Group China

                    Mr.Patrick Zhang
                    Shanghai Fosun High Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.

                    Mr.Peter Sykes
                    Dow Chemical (China) Company Limited?

                    Mr.Emmanuel Deligans
                    Siemens Ltd.,China

                    Ms.Karen Dobson
                    Dow Chemical(China) Investment Co., Ltd

                    Mr. James Weifeng JI
                    Telefónica Asia

                    Dr.Weiming JIANG
                    DSM(China) Limited

                    Ms.Serene WONG
                    TNS research international

                    Mr.Carlos Pascual Pons
                    Economic and Commercial Consul of Spain

                    Mr.Peter Langley
                    TNT Greater China

                    Mr.Eric Baclet
                    Eli Lilly China

                    Using job titles at time quotes provided.

                    Port of Barcelona

                    "Trade brings (us) goods and CEIBS brings (us) knowledge by sharing expertise, talent and insights for bringing two sides of the world together"

                    Mr. Santiago García-Milà
                    Deputy Managing Director, Barcelona Port Authority



                    "CEIBS, as the leading business school in China, is making a strong impact in the education of Chinese business leaders. For more than 100 years at Michelin, we have built our leadership on innovation and people development. That is why we are proud to sponsor the Michelin Chair in Leadership and Human Resources Management at CEIBS."

                    Mr. Edouard Michelin
                    Chief Executive Officer
                    Michelin Group



                    "BP has maintained a long-standing relationship with CEIBS, because we have consistently been able to recruit high quality employees with the talent and drive to succeed in our high performance culture. CEIBS has a diversity of students who have experience in Chinese companies as well as multinationals. CEIBS remains one of our primary sources for MBA staffing. We wish all of CEIBS graduates good luck as they search for new career opportunities and directions."

                    Dr. Gary Dirks
                    Group Vice President
                    President and Chief Executive, BP China


                    Global Sources

                    "The CEIBS mission is admirable. The objectives are clear and a challenge for all. As sponsor of the Global Sources Information Centre, I am pleased and proud to be part of this endeavour."

                    Mr. Merle A. Hinrichs
                    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
                    Global Sources



                    "People are the most important asset of the insurance industry. To address the WTO challenge, China needs more and more qualified persons. That is why AXA supports continuously advanced insurance & finance and management education programmes, including CEIBS, as part of its commitments to contribute to the development of the Chinese insurance market."

                    Mr. Michel Pinault
                    Senior Executive Vice President,
                    AXA Group in charge of Asia-Pacific Region
                    President & CEO, AXA China



                    "Colgate-Palmolive is very pleased and proud to join the ranks of many elite companies around the world by becoming a sponsor of CEIBS. It will surely contribute to further management development in China as she enters into a new era of economic development post WTO accession."

                    Mr. Chester Fong
                    Vice President & General Manager
                    Colgate-Palmolive Greater China



                    "We offer our employees opportunities to learn, to grow and to share in the success created by their efforts. We highly value our association with CEIBS which helps to groom our high potential talents in enhancing the skills they need to focus on serving our customers."

                    Mr. Peter Leupp
                    ABB China Ltd.



                    "Contraception is one of the core businesses of Schering. Attitudes towards sex and contraception in China are changing fast, and through this joint research project, we hope to be able to understand and monitor emerging trends. Cooperating with CEIBS gives Schering the guarantee of high quality work, and a platform for reflection and challenging discussion."

                    Mr. Paul Koolenbrander
                    General Manager
                    Schering Pharmaceutical Ltd.


                    Shengli Petroleum Administration

                    "To seize the opportunities that the knowledge economy brings, and to meet the challenges of economic globalisation, Shengli Oilfield would like to join forces with CEIBS and endeavour to a brighter future, hand in hand."

                    Mr. Liu Xiaoming
                    General Manager
                    Shengli Oilfield Dongsheng Petroleum Group Co., Ltd.


                    Henkel Asia-Pacific

                    "Henkel Asia-Pacific has supported CEIBS since the school's foundation. For us it is part of our long-term investment in human resources in China and in the entire region. We as a company are aware of the challenges ahead of us in dealing with the "war for talent". Cooperation with CEIBS is an important part of our strategy, and membership of the Corporate Advisory Board gives us the confidence that CEIBS activities will remain close to our needs."

                    Dr. Werner Krieger
                    Chairman, CEIBS Corporate Advisory Board
                    Senior Vice President
                    Human Resources and Corporate Communications
                    Henkel Asia-Pacific Ltd.


                    Eli Lilly Asia, Inc.

                    "We have been recruiting talented students from CEIBS since 1998 and currently have a number of MBA graduates playing important management roles in our organisation. Based on our experience, CEIBS MBA programme provides students with a strong business grounding, broad strategic perspectives, diversified background and good learning ability - key qualities we value in our company. We have always been impressed by the standard of candidates at the recruitment fairs and appreciate the commitment and support of CEIBS management for our activities at the school. "

                    Mr. Christopher James Shaw
                    President, Lilly China



                    "Leadership development is critical to Emerson’s growth strategy in China. During the past three years, Emerson has been working with CEIBS in this regard and we have been favourably impressed by both the resources and support provided by CEIBS, which has also fulfilled our expectations with regards to the quality of Company Specific Programmes."

                    Mr. Peter K. Yam
                    President, Greater China
                    Emerson Electric Co.



                    "CEIBS' comprehensive programmes are taught with a strong international focus. This is highly valued by Alcatel and is something we like to offer our employees through CEIBS Executive Education and EMBA Programmes. This global perspective is also sought by Alcatel when recruiting new candidates and it is a quality we find in CEIBS graduates."

                    Mr. Dominique de Boisseson
                    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
                    Alcatel China Investment Co., Ltd.


                    Philips Electronics China Group

                    "Philips has established a long-term and close cooperation with CEIBS in many aspects, especially in the training and recruitment of management talents. CEIBS is playing a unique role in Asia in international business education and professional training. I am confident that CEIBS will become one of the top business schools in the world in the near future."

                    Mr. David Chang
                    CEO China
                    Philips Electronics China Group

                    Using job titles at time quotes provided.

                    Why Support CEIBS

                    CEIBS Foundation is proud to support the development of CEIBS as a leading, global business school which enables select partners to become active members of CEIBS' Sponsorship Partner network.

                    Together with our partners, the goal of the CEIBS Foundation is to ensure continuous investment in the school for short and long-term growth and success:

                    - To attract world-class faculty
                    - To be innovative in world-class research
                    - To provide an inspirational environment
                    - To ensure continuous improvement
                    - To attract the best students

                    In just 25 years CEIBS has earned a reputation of academic excellence. It is the only business school in Asia to have ever had its MBA and EMBA simultaneously ranked #5 by the Financial Times and continues to be innovative in the curricula for its wide range of programmes.??This unprecedented rise is thanks in large part to the philanthropic support and active involvement of our Sponsorship Partners.

                    CEIBS' goal is to be among the world's best business schools. The growing importance of China's economy will certainly be one positive factor in achieving this goal, but even more important will be the investments made by CEIBS in attracting the best international faculty; in innovative research; and in expanding the school's facilities to other cities.

                    Part of the funding and guidance for these initiatives comes from the generous support of our Sponsorship Partners. To date, CEIBS has invited numerous western and Chinese organisations to become part of CEIBS' Sponsor Partner Network. Together with them, CEIBS Foundation exists to ensure that CEIBS thrives.


                    CEIBS Sponsor Partners enjoy some of the following benefits through their association with Asia's leading Business School:

                    Membership of CEIBS Corporate Advisory Board
                    CEIBS Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) is an exclusive forum in which our Sponsor Partners' senior executives can support and influence management education in China. This forum meets approximately four times per year together with CEIBS' Deans and also includes smaller working committees focused on specific areas of development for the school.

                    CEIBS International Marketing Platform and Visibility
                    Our Sponsor Partners' company brands enjoy high visibility among business, government and academic leaders in China and overseas. In appreciation of their contribution to the school, our Sponsor Partners' company brands are recognised in CEIBS' brochures, in our marketing publications, on CEIBS' website, and in our quarterly Alumni magazine TheLINK (current circulation of 80,000).

                    Priority Access to MBA Students
                    Recruitment: 4 weeks priority access to recruit CEIBS MBA graduates
                    Internships: 6 weeks priority access to CEIBS MBA interns
                    Group Consulting Projects: 4 weeks priority access to CEIBS MBA students

                    Other Important Sponsor Partner Benefits and Recognition

                    • Priority Placement on CEIBS Executive Education and EMBA Programmes
                    • Priority Access to CEIBS Faculty for the Development of Company Specific Programmes
                    • Priority Access to CEIBS Research Projects, Case Studies and Faculty Resources
                    • Access to CEIBS Campus Facilities to host company events
                    • Opportunity to speak at CEIBS Executive Forum as well as participate as guest lecturers on CEIBS MBA and EMBA programmes.

                    Priority Invitations to CEIBS many diverse academic, business and cultural?events
                    CEIBS provides a high-powered platform for our Sponsor Partners to interact directly with global leaders, top executives and government representatives from China and the rest of the world, as well as to meet future business leaders.

                    "Ciba Specialty Chemicals aims to add value to the educational environment and the youth of today. We are proud to be associated with CEIBS, a recognised educational institution that has consistently produced high-quality graduates who will no doubt be vital in the future success of China in the global market."
                    Mr. Kuno Kohler
                    Regional President
                    Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Region Asia North.

                    Contact Us


                    If you are interested in joining the CEIBS' sponsor family, or if you would like to receive more information about our sponsorship programme, please contact:

                    Shirley Xiao (Ms.)
                    Tel: (+8621) 28905189
                    Fax:(+8621) 28905126
                    Email: xshirley@ceibs.edu

                    Dorothy Zhang (Ms.)
                    Tel: (+8621) 28905269
                    Fax: (+8621) 28905126
                    Email: zdorothy@ceibs.edu

                    Mailing Address:

                    CEIBS Education Foundation
                    China Europe International Business School
                    699 Hongfeng Road, Pudong
                    Shanghai 201206
                    P.R. China

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