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                    • CEIBS Alumni

                      Join the largest, most influential b-school network in China: over 24,000 business leaders, and growing.



                    Alumni Lifelong Learning

                    Launched on the occasion of CEIBS’ 20th anniversary in 2014, the Master Class series has welcomed more than 40 top-notch academic scholars and leaders from business and political circles at home and abroad to share their insights with the CEIBS community.

                    A variety of events, including the Heju Class and Boyue Class, have been launched to broaden our alumni’s cultural perspectives and enhance their artistic accomplishments. The Heju Class was initiated at CEIBS’ Beijing campus in 2005 as a supplement to the school’s business administration courses. It is held 4-6 times a year, bringing together thought-provoking experts and scholars from different fields to share their global insights, present new knowledge, and to help alumni understand the world and themselves through multiple perspectives and disciplines. To date, nearly 40 renowned academics including Chen Fangzheng, Jin Guantao, Ge Zhaoguang, Yuan Juzheng, Zhang Xingang and Du Weiming, have been invited as guest speakers. The Shenzhen-based Boyue Class is a feast of the mind for alumni, helping them to broaden their humanistic perspectives through lectures on humanities and social sciences given by a variety of renowned figures.

                    The Alumni Specific Programme was first launched in 2016 under the strategic guidance of “building a win-win platform for the mutual development of CEIBS and its alumni”. As a brand-new lifelong learning platform, this programme is designed not only to address the ever-changing learning needs of alumni, but also to repay them for their continuous support to the school with up-to-date?research findings from CEIBS professors as well as insightful ideas from management gurus and other speakers.

                    Executive Education Open Enrolment Programmes

                    CEIBS hosts innovation forums annually in several major cities around China, facilitating interaction and communication between CEIBS professors and local alumni entrepreneurs and executives, and providing local companies with the latest management knowledge and cutting-edge ideas conducive to their transformation and innovation.

                    CEIBS annually organises numerous overseas forums in Asia, Europe, the US, Africa and other countries and regions to facilitate dialogue and exchange between local companies and their Chinese counterparts. These events bring together industry leaders, government officials and scholars in an open environment to discuss hot issues facing China and the world.

                    CEIBS industry forums have been well received by various sectors for many years and offer an open platform for industrial leaders and other professionals to share their insights about industrial development.

                    CEIBS is aware of the desire of its alumni for “lifelong learning” and is ready to help them to continue to advance with the times. In July 2018, the school launched the Alumni Online Learning Platform to provide a higher level of industrial and management insights and humanistic perspectives. By leveraging the WeChat Open Platform and the CEIBS Business Online learning system, this platform provides CEIBS alumni with quality content (mainly in the form of text, images, audio and video) such as master classes, professor insights, lectures on arts and humanities, alumni experience sharing and industry dynamics to assist them in lifelong learning and personal and professional development.

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